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Sister Anzac 2016

Hamilton and Auckland Seasons  :  August - 10 September 2016

"Sister Anzac is an exceptional piece of work that provides an understated, human look at one of history’s greatest tragedies"

"Much of the credit must go to the cast. Pound for pound, this ensemble is excellent... The direction by Amanda Rees is perfectly pitched... Sister Anzac could have felt relentlessly bleak — and potentially monotonous — yet the show is packed with moments of warmth and comedy which enrich the experience."  - Tim George, Theatre Scenes 2016

"leaves the theatre in the most profound silence, with the audience not seeming to want to believe that this is really the end. Such a silence is a rare thing in live theatre, and I think our silence is a testament to the power of the play and its very able performers" - Leigh Sykes, Theatreview 2016

Sister Anzac premiered in 2014 to an enraptured audience and to critical acclaim at the Devonport Navy Museum.  We are proud to be bringing the show to Hamilton and Auckland Theatres with the support of Creative NZ and Auckland Council.  We are delighted also to be able to record personal stories for download from this website as podcasts.  If you have a personal family history with WWI then please contact us to have your story recorded.  And have a listen to an existing one on our Podcasts page.


"You had us eating out of your hands

Laughing, crying, crying (the mascara!) caring, hurting – wow!"

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Geoff Allen
directed by: 
Amanda Rees
set design: 
John Parker
Jo Kilgour
Thomas Press & Morgan Allen
Fiona Nichols


  • Alex Ellis
  • Anthea Hill
  • Donogh Rees
  • Nicola Kawana
  • David Capstick
  • Jordan Blaikie

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